Paper Plate foraging toy

Great for smaller animals. rabbits, rats, birds, ect. 

Paper plate
Zip tie or safe string
Paper for filling
Food coloring (optional)

Fold and cut paper plate to size and shape you want. Tie sides together. Fill with paper and treats!

KONG puzzle feeder

Great for cats, dogs, skunks, ect.

KONG toy or similar product

Tasty treats. 

(I Prefer for dry food to soak it in warm water or broth to make it more of a challenge to get out)

Get creative and add new flavors each time

Make it more challenging by putting a milk bone or dental stick inside, something that they will really have to work for.

Seed Starter Puzzle Feeder 

Great for birds. If modified by removing plastic and rubber can be used for rabbits and rats.

Seed starter pots (12 for $1 at the dollar tree)

Paper filler (1 bag for $1 at dollar tree)

Bird safe rope (I used cotton found at Hobby Lobby)

Wood, plastic, or cardboard trinkets.  

At first put tasty snacks in to get natural foraging instincts

**Fun tip** after snacks are gone use this as a food bowl replacement for a day or two.

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